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Unlike violence in regular movies where someone gets punched, gets mad, and fights back, 95% of the victims of aggression in the porn scenes either were neutral or responded with pleasure. And while the targets were women 94% of the time, when a man was the victim, he was four times more likely than his female costars to be upset at his attacker.

In other words, in porn, women are getting beat up and they’re smiling about it.

Porn Leads to Violence  (via prowoman-prochoice)

For those still skeptical about attitudes and behaviors being altered by repeatedly flooding the brain with the chemicals of sexual arousal (in association with themes of degradation and abuse), Fight the New Drug is an excellent resource.

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Her name is Jasmine Tridevil and I think she’s fantastic.

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if people keep living longer and longer they’re just going to be in power for longer we’ve got these fossils in Congress and the youngest eligible generation overwhelmingly doesn’t care enough to vote the old people will be in office forever because they’ll never die and neither will their supporters and each successive generation will care less and less about taking part in government noting their growing irrelevancy beside the elderly majority

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I don’t think I’m going to go to classes today, I’m just going to try and catch up on some work, maybe do some cleaning, go grocery shopping, idk. I need to at least be a functioning addict.

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there’s a fine line between self-medication and #addiction

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Please read this poem I wrote in first grade

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The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die.
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